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It has been a wonderful experience to have our child, Tishe Akinbobola be under the care of Ms. Davie's Childcare over the last 18 months plus. Mrs. Davie is an excellent provider who showed love and care for our daughter from the beginning. I appreciated her approach to bringing us on as family. We met with her several times before establishing our relationship. I thought the fact that she took time to interview us to make sure this would be the right fit was commendable. After meeting with us individually, we brought our daughter along for the second visit. I liked that we were given a two week trial period to decide if we wanted to continue or find another option if we were not happy with the arrangement. 

There are so many wonderful things to say about our relationship. I'll start with the ease of mind I felt when leaving our daughter with Mrs. Davie. Tishe came to Mrs. Davie at six months old and has been thriviing from day one. One of the biggest bonuses related to choosing this provider is not having to bring a single thing. Everything from diapers, formula, etc are included in the price. I found this to be so helpful and want to mention how accommodating Ms. Davie was in ensuring she used the formula we gave to our baby at home. At every stage we communicated about eating habits and what would be appropriate to feed our little girl. In the mornings when dropping off my daughter, I was so tempted to ask if I could stay for breakfast or get a lunch to go because of the delicious smells coming from the kitchen..LOL.

Since Ms. Davies Childcare is christian-based, this was also appealing to our family. We want our child to have a strong religious foundation and Ms. Davie regularly incorporates bible readings and scripture into her cirriculum. Tishe can recite Our Lord's Prayer and clearly  knows about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ primarily becuase of what she was being taught at daycare. There are so many other wonderful "firsts" our daughter exprienced at daycare with the support of Ms. Davie. Her home is welcoming and the daycare area is child-friendly and kept clean. I love that Ms. Davie does not allow shoes past the front door to keep all areas of the house sanitary. Other highlights include receiving pictures throughout the day of my child "in action," birthday and holiday celebrations, and of course the lovely artwork created by my daughter that now decorates our refridgerator!

Regular communcation was also a very vital part of our relationship. Mrs. Davie always kept us informed related to periods when she needed to be away and a substitute would be caring for our child for a short period. This only happened a handful of times. I also enjoyed receiving the monthly newsletter which detailed what my child would be learning in the coming month. I also like that when I let Mrs. Davie know I was a few minutes away she would get Tishe ready prior to my arrival so there would not be a delay in us leaving after a long day at work. 

There is so much more to be said about working Mrs. Davie, however I will conclude with the following: I truly believe we found a gem in Ms. Davie's Childcare and would highly recommend her to any family looking to find a professional, caring, provider for their precious child in future.

A Truly Satisfied and Grateful Parent

Bridget A

Ms. Davie’s Day Care is a great place to be! My son always felt at home. Ms. Davie’s professionalism is very much nurtured by her care and concern for the little ones. Children at her care benefit in many ways. She prepares them for school teaching them meaningful pre academics; they learn good eating habits, adjust to a healthy routine and are exposed to important values.
I recommend her Day Care to everyone!


Ms. Davie's Childcare was the "breakthrough" that we were praying for.... I am sure that you have already discovered the challenges of finding quality and professional childcare services, so when we found Ms. Davie it was a breath of fresh air and we were very impressed with the clean and organized presentation of her home and childcare area, the intimate number of children in her care, and her gentle and loving approach with the children (all at a very reasonable price). When we initially met with Ms. Davie her soft-spoken demeanor calmed my "mommy" nerves and made me feel right at home. She took her time to review all of her childcare policies and procedures and give us a tour. I was so happy to see her hours of operation and how understanding and flexible she was about her closure policy. This was a saving grace for a healthcare provider like me who has to go to work and provide care to others even in inclement weather conditions. Her whole family is very welcoming of the childcare in their home and I appreciated that her boys also interacted with the children, which gave them stable positive role models to look up to. We were so impressed with Ms. Davie's care that we were happy to hear that she would allow our son to attend her childcare when he had breaks from his school. He loved attending, getting fresh home cooked meals, and participating in all the activities. To this day, he still requests for me to "make waffles and warm up milk like Ms. Davie 😊" I also loved that she taught from a Christian-based curriculum, which is rare to find. I appreciated not just her attention to their emotional development but also to their spiritual and physical well-being. When I left them with her I knew they were in caring, trained hands and she would take excellent care of them, like her own. By the time my daughter left her childcare, she was reciting the Lord's prayer, potty trained, very well-prepared for preschool, and much, much more. Another cherry on top was that my daughter often had her hair beautifully braided (before I picked her up) by her child-friendly Assistant, which was beyond helpful for a mom. Ms. Davie's childcare is everything you can ever pray for and then some. Don't hesitate to reach out to her. Ms. Davie is a diamond in the rough and is highly recommended by our family.  Love,  Dr. G.

Dr. G

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