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Outdoor Summer Activities

At Ms. Davie's Family Child Care, we spend a lot of time outdoors, of course weather permitting. The kids absolutely relish that time. Here are 5 summer activities for child care and families.

We first prepare and pack lunches and snacks.

Parents are reminded to apply sunscreen on their children before child care. Then the fun begins.

1). Walking around our community. We use our monthly theme to connect with our walks. If we are exploring insects, then we talk about insects and stop to look at any we may see on the sidewalk. If we are doing Community Helpers then there are always post people, construction workers of various types, landscapers, painters to name a few.

2). We go to local playgrounds around our community. The kids definitely look forward to this. We may make some friends at the playground also. Safety is very important therefore, we are constantly walking around to make sure that the kids are safe on play equipment. Hydration is equally important, so all kids have filled water bottles and we always remind them to take a drink.

3). Playing in our backyard. This summer apart from the normal play equipment in our backyard, we introduced water play days. Sprinkler days are exciting as kids are able to get wet by the sprinkler and cool themselves during the hot summer days. It can be quite inexpensive if you use your garden sprinkler. We also play in our water table where kids play with water toys. We also play with water bins, which are placed on a table and different color tablets are placed in different bins to change the color and add more opportunities for kids to play and learn.

4). Almost everything done inside can be done outside. Pitch a tent and put a picnic table in and start the fun: arts and craft; play-dough activities; puzzles; snacks; lunches.

5). Sidewalk coloring fun. Kids enjoy their own creation. So give them some colorful chalk and let their inspirations flow. Hopscotch, 4 Square, Alphabet/number hop are games that can be played on the sidewalk. A word of warning, if you live in a community like ours with an HOA, you might have to wash the chalk away from the sidewalk when your fun is over.

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