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Happy New 2019

A New Year brings the thought of resolutions. What do we need? Do we need a new job, higher wages, better health, higher education, and/or better relations with God, family and friends? The list could go on and on.

As child care providers, we too have many goals for the New Year; Changes in handbook policy, in times of operation, in rates charged, in the amount of children we want enrolled, in the themes we use on a monthly basis, in our child care room set up. Do we want to provide before and after-school care? Should we sign up for MD Excels and/or MD Credential Program? There are so many things that we plan for the new year, particularly to work smarter and not harder. The bottom line is that we want to be the best child care provider ever. We can achieve that goal if we plan well and stay on task.

Start by making measurable and achievable goals. Break up goals into smaller, measurable tasks . If the goal is changes in handbook policy, every day for a week write a change that seems achievable. Would shortening your work day by one hour cause you to have less kids enrolled or more? And would that be fine with you? How can you make meals healthier? Calculate the price of healthy foods verses what you served before. Research new recipes and prepare them and serve them to the kids. Then you will know if that particular goal is achievable. Next, add these goals to your handbook policy. Is having a degree in early childhood education your goal? Call local colleges to find out if they offer that major and what is needed to enroll. Would you like to have a better pre-school program? You can add one new aspect every month of the New Year. You do not have to have everything done by January 1st.

A good practice is to go over New Year resolutions every month to make sure you are on the right track. Only tackle a few goals per year. Too many goals might be overwhelming and not achievable. Remember, the little ones are going to be affected positively or negatively by your actions. So be specific about what you want to achieve and go for it.

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